ABAY Vape Pods

#1: Incredible Value

ABAY pods contain more than twice the liquid as JUUL pods. Each ABAY pod has 1.6mL of liquid while JUUL only contains .7mL. Both are 5% nicotine by weight.

ABAY pods are $17.99 for a 4 pack.

JUUL pods are $15.99 for a 4 pack.

This means that dollar for dollar, you're getting a much better value.

ABAY vs JUUL (Cost per mL)

This translates to very big savings.

If you vape 1 JUUL pod per day, you could save $730.74 per year by switching to ABAY.*

The table above assumes:

* Note: Prices may change over time which could impact your savings. Your usage will impact your overall cost of using ABAY. This does not take into consideration that you may or may not consume more liquid overall by using ABAY.

#2: Universal Charging

As a former JUUL user, I can tell you that one of my biggest complaints (which is widely shared) is that the charging is very restrictive. JUUL uses a proprietary magnetic charger.

ABAY uses a Micro-USB charger which is widely available and allows for convenient charging in the car, on the go, or at a friend’s house.


#3: Portable Charging Case

Running out of battery is the worst. So, we made it a thing of the past. ABAY has a specially designed portable charging case that will recharge your ABAY up to 5 times on the go. It was designed to take with you camping, on a road trip or to a concert while supporting use for you and your friends (if you’re the sharing type).

ABAY Battery Charger

#4: Incredible Rewards Program

Since we believe in our product and mission very deeply, we reward those who help smokers and JUUL users make the switch to ABAY. We offer our customers amazing deals such as a free ABAY when you buy any 3 packs of pods OR you can invite friends and you and your friend will each get 50% off with no limits, minimums or fine print. Join ABAY Rewards today.

#5: No Big Tobacco Affiliation

In case you’re also conscious of where your dollars are going, ABAY does not have any affiliation with traditional tobacco companies and is entirely focused on helping people make a positive change to their lifestyle. I hope you’ll join us in this mission and love the experience we are all working so hard to create.

Welcome to the ABAY Family!

~ Tony Mandarano

Founder / ABAY, Inc.

PS - Remember, ABAY is intended only for smokers of legal smoking age. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. Vapor products are intended for smokers only. If you do not smoke or vape, you should not start.

Make the switch today and start saving.

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